Hypewave Technologies Inc. ~ New York, New York.

HypeWave is the only destination that matters to find the wave of music stars ! HypeWave is a passionate community focused on discovering and showcasing the most exciting emerging artists from across the U.S. We believe incredible talent exists in every city and we’re on a mission to give everyone a voice and an opportunity to shine!

Engaging Videos – video submissions are presented in a way to encourage engagement and reaction. For artists, this engagement is shared in detail, allowing them to better understand their fans and what type of content resonates with them. For fans, each video submission is an opportunity to show their loyalty and support in an ongoing battle to be the biggest fan. Through HypeWave, artists and fans can connect directly and build powerful relationships from day 1 of the journey toward recognition. Powered by fan votership, artists have a chance to earn points, prizes and more!

Top 10 Countdown– Monday-Thursday artists have the chance to post their best music videos, the more engagement they receive the better the chance to trend and participate in our best of the best music video countdown show. The trending page will show who has the best chance to make the top 10 countdown every Friday at 7pmest for the chance to win the prize!

Emerging Talent Engine – Hypewave uses proprietary software developed by Apptoo Inc. to discover artists daily , no matter where you are.

Data Analytics– Using our hyper-local technology artists gain unique and personalized insights into where their growing fanbase is located. For the first time artists will know exactly how to cater to their growing fan base. HypeWave’s proprietary technology tracks data of interest for every creator on the platform globally and now locally